Adv. Beginning Weaving – Make a Bag!


Take your Rigid Heddle weaving to the next level and learn to make a bag! This class will expand on the skills and techniques learned in the Intro Weaving Class. In the first session you will plan out the size and pattern for your bag and calculate yardages of yarn needed. We will also warp the loom and begin to weave. In the second session we will work on finishing, hemming and sewing your bag. You will be expected to complete the weaving in the two weeks between classes.

Pre-requisites: Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving class or completed at least one project on a rigid heddle loom from start to finish.

Materials Needed:
Yarn for Bag – sport or dk weight cotton, linen or similar in at least 2 colors
Rigid Heddle Loom with 8 dent heddle and equipment for warping (looms may be available for rental)
Sewing Needle + Thread

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